Hamilton, MO: Fabric, Quilts and Fun!

Last week I visited Quilt Town, USA—Hamilton, Missouri. About an hour away from Kansas City, this rural town has been revitalized by quilting thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Company. I was in Hamilton working on a project (details to be revealed soon!) and had the opportunity to work with the amazing staff, tour behind the scenes and learn more about the company’s inspirational story. Be sure to check out this video, produced by Stripe, about quilting, entrepreneurship and the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

around Hamilton…

“Downtown” Hamilton is literally about 4 blocks, with 1 blinking red light as you enter town.
Hamilton, Missouri

Along the main street (S. Davis Street) you’ll find impressive murals.
Quilt mural in Hamilton, Missouri
Train mural in Hamilton, Missouri
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill visiting the main mural in Hamilton, Missouri—home of Missouri Star Quilt Company

Right behind the main street, you’ll find sights like this one.
Hamilton, Missouri

Just last year, the World’s Largest Spool of Thread was unveiled in Hamilton, MO. Read all about how the thread monument came to be. As an Aurifilosopher and Aurifil Artisan, I couldn’t leave town without adding some of my own thread. It’s a good thing I always travel with a project! I spun around with my thread six times (and got slightly dizzy).

Notice that building behind the spool? That is the home of the future Missouri Quilt Museum, opening later this year.
World's Largest Spool of Thread, sponsored by Aurifil. World's Largest Spool of Thread, sponsored by Aurifil. World's Largest Spool of Thread, sponsored by Aurifil.

Did you know that Hamilton, MO is the birthplace of James Cash Penney (the founder of J.C. Penney)? His boyhood home is in the middle of the Missouri Star Quilt Company “campus”. Penny’s Quilt Shop (owned by Missouri Star—see photo below under “Shopping”) currently houses all solid fabrics and was originally a JC Penney Store, owned by JC Penney himself. It was the 500th store.
JC Penney home in Hamilton, Missouri


Missouri Star Quilt Company Main Shop
After passing the stoplight, you’ll come across the Main Shop. It’s a great place to start as it will give you a taste of what you’ll find in each of the themed shops—florals, primitives & wool, batiks, seasonal, backings & trim, modern, licensed, kids & baby, solids and machines & notions.

Missouri Star Quilt Company shops
Missouri Star Quilt Company mural and shops
Missouri Star Quilt Company shops
Missouri Star Quilt Company shopping
Missouri Star Quilt Company shop interior
Missouri Star Quilt Company shop interior

chill out!

Tucked in between the themed shops is Man’s Land—a place to rest and recharge between shopping, complete with WiFi. The day I visited, there were mostly women, clearly taking a break from shopping.

Missouri Star Quilt Company Man's Land Missouri Star Quilt Company Man's Land

learn something new!

Missouri Star Quilt Company is committed to inspiring and educating quilters both in Hamilton, through events all over the country and online. Learn more about all of their programs, offered through the Missouri Star Academy. And of course, there are hundreds of videos on the MSQC YouTube page.

I had a chance to peek inside their newish Education Center. Missouri Star recently purchased the old town theater and renovated it.

Missouri Star also offers retreats in their Sewing Center. Since housing accommodations are slim (I had to stay in Cameron, about a 20-minute drive away), they offer those who attend retreats housing on the second floor of the workspace. This is super convenient for late-night sewing!

get inspired!

I loved seeing fun and inspirational quotes all around the shops, spaces and merchandise. Here are some of my favorites:
Quilting stairs
Quilting stairs
A pattern is only a suggestion quote The best way to finish a quilt is to simply begin. Quilting isn't a habit, it's a way of life. If you never make mistakes, you'll never make anything. Life is Short, Stitch Fast Quilters Come With Strings Attached quote Keep a seam ripper handy! Measure twice, Cut Once. Curse. Repeat.

can’t visit soon? they’ll come to you!

Missouri Star Quilt Company ships products and fabric all over the world. I had an opportunity to tour their warehouse:

photo courtesy of Creative Commons, taken by Jzsj.

Missouri Star Quilt Company warehouse

Missouri Star also offers quilting services. Quilters from all over the world send their quilt tops to be finished here. Did you know that Missouri Star Quilt Company started as just a longarm service?

Missouri Star Quilt Company longarm quilting

visit for yourself!

If you find yourself in the Kansas City area, it’s definitely worth a day trip to Hamilton, Missouri. Plan your visit here. Have you visited? What was your favorite memory?

Go make something great,

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