Hand Embroidery Made Easy: Beginner’s Guide with Video Demos

colorful hand embroidery in a hoop

As quilters, we know the satisfying whir of a sewing machine and the joy of creating beautiful, functional pieces. But have you ever considered the meditative calm of hand embroidery? Something that’s super portable that can be worked on anywhere and allows us to build new skills? During the pandemic, I rediscovered the world of […]

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Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) with Freezer Paper — Video Tutorial / Mini-Class

Hello quilting friends! Today, I’m excited to share an alternative approach to Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) that will transform your piecing experience. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the art of FPP using freezer paper, a game-changing technique that eliminates the hassle of removing paper and allows you to reuse your templates effortlessly. Why […]

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7 tips for piecing curves

Detail of Picnic Petals is a modern quilt based on a traditional Flowering Snowball block. Pattern by Whole Circle Studio.

One of my favorite techniques to teach is piecing curves. Curves are magical—they look complicated to do, but they’re really not. So many quilters are intimidated by curves but if you can sew a ¼” seam you can sew beautiful curves. Seriously. All you need are some tips, a bit of patience and practice. To […]

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