Butterfly Bunch Quilt Along Week 3

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Come together!

How are you doing with your butterflies?
Last week we foundation paper pieced our individual parts. This week we’re going to join all of those paper pieces to make beautiful butterfly blocks!

Check out my tips for aligning and piecing those sections together using positioning pins in the video below:

Having the right tools for the job is half the battle! I love having thin sharp pins that don’t bend. A couple of years ago, my good friends at Ryco’s introduced me to these fabulous Iris Swiss Super Fine Pins (affiliate link). I LOVE them and I think you will too! I’m also pretty fond of my Magnetic Pin Holder available at Brooklyn Haberdashery.

First step: get your paper pieces organized!

Refer to Diagram 2 in the Butterfly Bunch to layout your butterfly pieces. They will look like they do in the photo below.

 laying out all of the paper piecing to assemble a foundation paper pieced butterfly. Butterfly Bunch pattern by wholecirclestudio.com

Here’s a tip:

I like to match my thread to my fabrics (sometimes I even switch thread colors when I’m sewing along a line). Specifically, I do this for seams that I will press open. The thread blends into the fabric making the stitches invisible.

I like to match my threads to my fabric when paper piecing seams that will be pressed open. laying out all of the paper piecing to assemble a foundation paper pieced butterfly. Butterfly Bunch pattern by wholecirclestudio.com

Once you have your pieces organized, your butterfly will come together quickly. I find this one of the most rewarding parts of the process. Be sure to use those positioning pins I described in the video above to get accurate alignments. Don’t forget to remove the positioning pins before sewing!  Take your time pinning and you’ll get beautiful results. It’s a metamorphosis right before your very eyes.

Easy assembly order of Butterfly Bunch. A beautiful butterfly quilt block comes to life! Pattern by wholecirclestudio.com

An assembled Butterfly Bunch quilt block. A foundation paper piecing pattern by wholecirclestudio.com

Have fun getting your butterflies together. Next week we’ll put those butterflies together, add our border and prep for quilting.

How are things going with butterfly making? Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments sections below.

Remember to share photos of your progress!

Join in the fun with my Butterfly Bunch Quilt Along! I'll be giving foundation paper piecing tips and tricks, sharing my favorite quilting tools. Let's select fabric and make some butterfly blocks! Make a wall hanging, throw, twin or queen size quilt. Use your fabric stash, fat eights, fat quarters or special fabric!

I can’t wait to see your butterflies come together! Please post your photos to Instagram using #butterflybunchquilt

Let’s make something awesome together,

p.s. If you missed it, be sure to check out behind the scenes: designing Butterfly Bunch and the introduction of the Butterfly Bunch Quilt Along and check out Butterfly Bunch Week 4 here.

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