behind the scenes:
Andrà Tutto Bene
(Everything Will be Okay)
mini quilt

Andrà Tutto Bene (Everything Will Be Okay in English) is a free foundation paper piecing pattern (FPP) and was inspired by the words and beautiful artwork created by children in Italy during the Covid19 pandemic in 2020. While children and their families in Italy were quarantined in their homes, many displayed rainbow-themed banners and posters featuring the phrase "Andrà Tutto Bene" to send messages of hope and positivity. We encourage you to make this mini quilt to display in the window of your own home or sewing space. Make one for yourself, for a friend, or even for your local quilt shop. Share hope.

I’m a firm believer that making and sharing beautiful, meaningful objects can enhance people’s lives. I also recognize that keeping our hands busy can help calm our minds. Living in this time during the Covid19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to make and share objects that are uplifting and hopeful. Today, I’m […]

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whole circle studio LIVE!
episode 1
April 16, 2020

Welcome to Whole Circle Studio LIVE! Join us every Saturday at noon ET as we chat about what's happening in the Studio, give Studio updates, quilting tips, and chat about awesome things. This week we share the Bzzzzzz mini quilt.

This week we introduce you to the Bzzzzzz mini quilt. Learn more about the Bzzzzzz mini quilt get the pattern here. Have questions about the pattern or something quilting related? Comment below. Like watching this video? Join us on the Whole Circle Studio YouTube channel every Saturday at noon ET as we chat about what’s happening […]

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24 modern quilts
from QuiltCon 2020

Enjoy 24 of just some of my favorite modern quilts (plus a few bonus quilts) from QuiltCon 2020 in Austin, Texas. All descriptions were written by the makers. Prepare to be inspired! Quilts incorporating typography Quilts incorporating curves Quilts incorporating a rainbow color palette Speaking of rainbow quilts—I was delighted to be reunited with the […]

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10 quilts from the Sapphire Celebration special exhibit at International Quilt Festival 2019

Sapphire Celebration, a special quilt exhibit from 2019 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.

2019 marked the 45th-anniversary of the International Quilt Festival. To celebrate, a special exhibit was featured at the 2019 International Quilt Festival in Houston. Check out highlights and 10 of my favorite quilts from the show! Sapphire Celebration Quilters have long used the color blue to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, trust, and […]

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3 goals for 2020 to inspire you

Citrus Slices quilt table runner by Whole Circle Studio

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? Here are three of my goals for 2020. I hope they inspire you! 1. experiment more with combining techniques If you’ve ever attended my Content, Concepts and Quilts: Approaching Quilting as a Graphic Designer presentation/trunk show, you know that I start all of my quilt designs with […]

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