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Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern, celebrating sewists, stitching and crafts by

It’s always really fun rediscovering a technique! Thanks to the September Aurifil Artisan challenge—Cross Stitch & Embriodery, I picked up Aurifil floss and did something I haven’t done since I was a kid…. cross stitch! This portable project was perfect to take with me on trips this summer.

Inspired by my Sew Speedy pattern and new Sew Speedy magnetic pin & needle minder, I drafted the Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Sew Speedy, a modern mini quilt, available at wholecirclestudiocom — perfect for a sewing space inspiring sewing machine needles going up and down! Don’t lose your needles with this cute (but strong) Sew Speedy needle minder. When you’re not using your sewing needles, let this sturdy magnetic enamel needle keeper hold them for you! Great for when you’re doing handwork on the couch, in the car or on the go. Leave it next to your sewing machine to hold your used needles until you can properly dispose of them. It’s also a handy tool to have when you inevitably drop your needles or pins and need something magnetic to pick them up! Perfect gift set for the quilter, sewist or for you to keep as a gift for yourself! This set includes: – one Sew Speedy Mini Quilt Pattern (paper copy) – one Sew Speedy Enamel Needle Minder
Sew Speedy Cross Stitch pattern in Adobe Illustrator

next step: picking colors!

Aurifil’s 6-strand 100% cotton floss comes in all 270 of their colors, so it was easy for me to select a beautiful sophisticated rainbow. I used:
• 2535 (Magenta)
• 1154 (Dusty Orange)
• 2132 (Tarnished Gold)
• 2888 (Fern Green)
• 4182 (Dark Turquoise)
• 1243 (Dusty Lavender)
• 5004 (Grey Smoke)
Aurifil Cotton 6 strand floss

working with the floss

When working on cross stitch as a kid, I remember mini skeins of floss getting all tangled and knotted as soon as I took the tiny paper tubes off. Gone are those days! I love how Aurifil’s floss comes on a beautiful wooden spool—awesome for traveling and pretty to look at. As I did when I was a kid, I separated the six strands of floss into three strands as I stitched.

Sewist and quilter motto for sewing space. Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill. Sew speedy!

(not) sew speedy

The phrases “sew speedy” on a needle minder holding mostly handwork needles is totally tongue-in-check. Handwork is slow—that’s one of the great things about it. It allows you to slow down, and I really enjoyed taking this project along with me as a way to relax during my travels. A little over three months after starting it, I finally finished! Now it’s time to find the perfect spot to hang it in my studio in between taking it on the road to share during my Aurifilosophy presentations. I can’t wait to share with other quilters and makers what they can do with this floss!
Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern, celebrating sewists, stitching and crafts by Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern, celebrating sewists, stitching and crafts by
Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern, celebrating sewists, stitching and crafts by


gather your supplies and give cross stitch a try!

Here are links to the materials I used to make my Sew Speedy cross stitch:
• Aurifil Floss (find a great curated collection by Lori Holt and a great selection in a beautiful box)
DMC 16 count Aida Fabric
DMC Tapestry Hand Needles, Size 24
Sew Speedy needle minder

Cross stitch not your thing but like the Sew Speedy design? Get the mini quilt pattern and make a small wallhanging for your sewing space.

Perhaps a Sew Speedy cross stitch pattern release is in my future? What do you think? Do you cross stitch? Would you want to make this? Let me know!

Go make something great,

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