5 ways to display your quilts

5 ways to display your quilts! Check out Whole Circle Studio LIVE! and my recommendations.

This week on Whole Circle Studio LIVE!  we share 5 ways to display your quilts.  

Here is the outdoor quilt stand we talked about:

Behind the scenes photoshoot of Big Island Blossoms by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill | Whole Circle Studio. A modern, Hawaiian-inspired quilt.
Here are links to some products we mentioned:

Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers
Scotch Painters Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces

How do you like to display quilts?
Have questions?

I’d love for you to share — comment below!

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5 ways to display your quilts! Check out Whole Circle Studio LIVE! and my recommendations.

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  1. I think it is important to have your creations visible so I applaud your efforts to do so. I put quilts over my dining room table, coffee table in the living room, hanging in front of my sewing room sliding doors, and draped over the arm of my couch and chair. We love to eat outside and offer quilts for warmth when we used to have guests over. Sandy Klop hangs hers everywhere!

    1. Hi Patty, I’m so happy to hear you have your quilts everywhere too! I wasn’t familiar with Sandy Klop, so I just looked her up. Thanks for sharing! –Sheri

  2. The universe has sent this video to me. Just this week, I set up a barter to swap a quilt for a quilt ladder made by a wood working friend, So have been thinking about patterns. LOVE the freestanding ladder Jason made….very attractive and clever. YES PLEASE, could you make more directions/guidance available on how to make it to give to my friend. I think there would be a market out in the quilt world for a pattern for this-and of course I would buy the pattern. Off to sew some curved block rows together 🙂 Katie

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