7 tools and products that make quilt binding easier!

7 tools to make binding a quilt easier

This week on Whole Circle Studio LIVE! I we chat about this week’s happenings in the Studio and I share 7 of my favorite tools and products that make quilt binding easier!

Here are links to my favorite products for hand sewing mentioned:
favorite tools and products for hand sewing!

1. Tulip Applique #10 Big Eye Needles
Not only are these the ABSOLUTE best for needle turn applique, they make hand sewing binding a breeze. I LOVE these needles for handwork. These high-quality needles are made in Japan and are nickel-plated steel, with gold plated eyes. They are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing and needle eyes are polished from both sides to ensure easy threading. I highly recommend these needles to all of my students as they glide right through your fabric, don’t easily bend, are easier to thread than most other applique needles, and you get what you pay for—they last a while. I tend to lose my needle before it wears down.

2. Sew Speedy needle minder
Don’t lose your needles with this cute (but strong) needle minder. When you’re not using your sewing needles, let this sturdy magnetic enamel needle keeper hold them for you! Great for when you’re doing handwork on the couch, in the car or on the go. Leave it next to your sewing machine to hold your used needles until you can properly dispose of them. It’s also a handy tool to have when you inevitably drop your needles or pins and need something magnetic to pick them up!

3. Bohin Needle Threader
This is quite literally the only needle threader that has ever worked for me.

4. Clover Wonder Clips
Every quilter needs some of these! They are so handy for binding, but also clipping fabric scraps together too!

5. Colonial Thimble Pads
If it wasn’t for this product, my finger would have a hole it in! I’ve tried tons of thimbles of all shapes, sizes, and materials and none work for me. Before I used thimble pads, I used bandaids. These are much more sightly and are reusable!

6. Aurifil Cotton Thread
Whenever you do any type of piecing or quilting, be sure to use a high quality thread. It’s tempting to use inexpensive thread, but it can be really frustrating to work with, especially since inferior thread tends to break and tangle more often. Also, thread made with cheap material will break down over time.

7. Sew Fine Thread Gloss
Using a beeswax, thread conditioner, or thread gloss on your thread when hand sewing will definitely reduce your thread breaks and tangles. My favorite is Sew Fine, made by a friend in Canada. Plus, it comes in delicious scents (or unscented if that’s your thing)!

What are your favorite binding tools and recommendations? Have questions?

I’d love for you to share — comment below!

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