holiday 2022 gift ideas
(all made by small, independent makers and businesses)

photo by monica stoawowy

The holiday season is upon us and for some of us that means struggling to find the perfect gifts for everyone on our list. Over the years, I’ve become friends with a group of amazing artists and small business owners who offer amazing products and I’d like to introduce them to you. I know each of these people personally and they’re amazing individuals and have awesome products. Perhaps there’s an item you see that would be a great gift for someone you know (or to keep for yourself).

As my friend Abigail recently noted, “When you shop with small, independently-owned businesses, you’re more likely to find unique gifts and you are directly helping someone build their dream!”

Check out these makers and their gift ideas:

Bernice-The Cow Who Loved Christmas: A Festive Children's Holiday Picture Book the Whole Family will Love by Ronnie Walter
photo courtesy @ronniewalter

Ronnie Walter
Independent Artist and Writer
Bernice: The Cow Who Loved Christmas is available through Amazon (be sure to read why below)
If you have a child in your life looking forward to Christmas, this might be the perfect pre-holiday gift to read before bed.

Ronnie JUST released her latest book and it almost didn’t happen. From Ronnie’s recent Instagram post:
“A funny thing happened on the way to publishing this book. My plan was to publish it over a month ago, but then this annoying “Hurricane Ian” roared through, taking our house with him on his way out of town. At first I figured “Bernice” would have to wait on the shelf until next year, but after mucking through what was salvageable in our former house and staying in nine different places since then, I managed to squirrel away enough time to finish the design and publish Bernice-The Cow Who Loved Christmas! I am super proud of this book and excited to share it with you (not just because I love the story and had a blast drawing the art) but because Bernice represents those of us who need to follow our passion, find our people, and our purpose in life (but it’s funny too).”


napkins and bucket bags by Brooklyn Mojo
photos courtesy

Pantera Saint-Montaigne
Brooklyn Mojo offers a colorful array of home goods, accessories and fabrics that are fresh, unexpected and embrace the beauty of hand-printing.


photos courtesy

Abigail McMurray
yeiou® paper objects artist Abigail McMurray creates custom 3D house portraits,  house portrait silhouettes and Paper Places® Map Art (shown above) so that you can have a reminder of a favorite or special home right on the wall to admire every day. These heirlooms capture a home or other building, rendering the details and dimensions in a one-of-a-kind paper sculpture.


journals and tea towels by Tiny Farmhouse by Amy McCoy
photos courtesy

Amy McCoy | Tiny Farmhouse
Amy McCoy is an artist + designer who makes cute, fun home and paper goods. All of her products are made using eco-friendly practices.


Rag Rugs by Common Loom Studio
photos courtesy @commonloomstudio

Mae Colburn | Common Loom Studio
IG: @commonloomstudio
Common Loom produces one-of-a-kind rag rugs for sale and custom rag rugs on commission from fragments of worn, surplus, and discarded fabric.


Ruby and Violet Project Cards for quilters
photo courtesy

Mary Morningstar Johnson
Mary is the maker behind these bright, colorful, and incredibly useful project cards—perfect for the quilter in your life! Each card captures important information about your quilt and has a unique quote/saying on the back that is meant to be inspirational as you work through each project.


Publications and knitting goods by Making Stories.
photos courtesy

Hanna Lisa Haferkamp
Through their selection of yarns, curated items, and publications, Making Stories is committed to encourage and empower knitters to create projects they’ll love and wear for years to come.


Journals and prints by A Duck Amuck by Erwin Ong
photos courtesy

Erwin Ong
Erwin is an illustrator surface design artist, and muralist. His bright and happy character-based illustrations are influenced by a love for nature, food, and city living.


Yarn Club by Sew Happy Jane
photo courtesy

Heather Best
Heather is committed to offering cohesive color yarn collections that tell a story, thoughtful techniques with the end in mind, and hand selected + ethically sourced base yarns that feel great and look beautiful over time.


Journals, paper goods, and ornaments by Karen Eide
photos courtesy

Karen Eide
Karen is a surface pattern designer exploring the mystery of wonder of it all. She recently launched new items—ornaments, journals, and more!


Mindful products for mindful living — Mindful Minute Activity Cards
photos courtesy

Debby Lightman Casher | Mindfulnice
Debby, a mindfulness educator & licensed artist, is the creator of Mindful Minute Activity Cards and mindful gemstone jewelry.


If you’re still looking for a fun gift to give (or keep for yourself)….

I’ve got you covered! Check out these products over in the shop:
Botanical Beauties 2023 Desk Calendar by Whole Circle Studio

Botanical Beauties 2023 Desk Calendar
Brighten up your space with a “bouquet of flowers” that lasts all year with the Botanical Beauties 2023 Desk Calendar. Enjoy a year of growth with 12 desk calendar cards, each featuring a different photographed Botanical Beauties quilt  block by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio. Each calendar set comes with a handcrafted wooden stand.

Botanical Beauties notecard set by Whole Circle Studio
Botanical Beauties Notecard Set
Send a note to a friend or keep these cards as art for yourself!
Perfect for any occasion— a beautiful variety of botanical themed greeting cards — perfect for a thinking of you, get well soon or just because! Makes the perfect hostess or small gift too.

Bee enamel pin
Bzzzzzz enamel pin
Show the world how much you love bees with this hard enamel pin. The pin is approximately 1” wide between wing tips. Includes a super secure deluxe metal backing clasp. Great for lapels or bags!

Sew Speedy needle minder
Sew Speedy enamel needle minder/magnetic pin
Don’t lose your needles with this cute (but strong) needle minder. When you’re not using your sewing needles, let this sturdy magnetic enamel needle keeper hold them for you! Great for when you’re doing handwork on the couch, in the car or on the go. Leave it next to your sewing machine to hold your used needles until you can properly dispose of them. It’s also a handy tool to have when you inevitably drop your needles or pins and need something magnetic to pick them up!

Do you have a product recommendation made by an independent maker?

I’d love to hear about it! Comment below and share it.

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