Shop Shout Out: Sewing Arts Center in Los Angeles, CA

wall of an interior of a fabric store with colorful fabric

In the sprawling, sun-soaked city of Los Angeles, there’s a sanctuary tailor-made for sewing and quilting fans. Sewing Arts Center is like a visual candy store to creatives of all types, but especially us sewists and quilters. Last month I had the opportunity to visit their new location at 2306 Corinth Ave., Los Angeles. In between presenting, teaching, and of course shopping, I took lots of photos. Let’s take a tour!

illustration of Los Angeles and overhead shot of the interior of a fabric store

exterior of industrial building

A Unique Setting

The moment you step inside Sewing Arts Center, you’re greeted by the charm of its unique location. The building, once a USPS truck maintenance facility, has been beautifully transformed into a spacious, well-lit haven for quilters and sewists. The high ceilings and ample natural light create an atmosphere that’s so inviting and pleasant to be in.

interior of a fabric store with colorful fabric wall of an interior of a fabric store with colorful fabric stacks of fabric and display of antique sewing machines

A Shopper’s Paradise

No visit to a local quilt shop is complete without indulging in some retail therapy, and Sewing Arts Center is no exception. The store boasts an impressive array of modern fabrics—both quilting cotton and other substrates for apparel— along with a wide selection of quilting / sewing patterns, thread, notions, and accessories. Julie proudly pointed out that they are one of the few stores (possibly only one?) that have carried every collection produced by Ruby Star Society.  Sewing Arts Center is also an authorized Bernina retailer. Whether you’re into quilting, garment sewing, or embroidery, you’re bound to find the perfect materials for your next project.

antique sewing machine
Even the bathroom is decorated with sewing-inspired items, including an antique sewing machine.

display of quilt patterns two embroidery kits that look like ladybugs and bees in a circle displays of quilt patterns

I was thrilled to see our Whole Circle Studio quilt patterns and embroidery kits at Sewing Arts Center on display! Seeing my products on shelves at local quilt shops never gets old. It’s such a joy to share my products with fellow quilting and stitching enthusiasts!

felted sculpture and pitcher with illustration of mushrooms wooden sculptures of mushrooms felted sculpture and pitcher with illustration of mushrooms
Fun Fact:
As I explored Sewing Arts Center, I stumbled upon a delightful surprise—mushroom-themed treasures scattered around like hidden gems. From cute pincushions to playful buttons, it felt like a fun scavenger hunt, and I couldn’t resist capturing these charming finds in photos. Keep an eye out for these whimsical wonders when you visit, and happy hunting!

two women holding up a quilt top with hearts on it
Sheri of Whole Circle Studio with Julie of Sewing Arts Center holding up a Love at FIrst Sight quilt Julie made with Whole Circle Studio’s pattern.

Passionate Owners and Staff

What truly sets Sewing Arts Center apart is the people behind the scenes. Julie and Rachel, the owners and mother/daughter team, have poured their passion for sewing and crafting into every inch of the store. Their dedication is reflected in the carefully curated selection of fabrics, notions, and sewing machines that adorn the shelves and displays (designed by Rachel and fabricated locally). The staff, equally passionate and knowledgeable, are always on hand to offer expert advice and friendly assistance.

woman giving a presentation with a small quilt next to her woman giving a presentation and pointing at a quilt classroom with women quilting
A Hub of Learning and Creativity

During my visit, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation/ trunk show and teaching a workshop in their classroom, which overlooks a spacious courtyard (perfect for a breath of fresh air or a lunch break). Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or an experienced sewist or quilter looking to refine your skills, Sewing Arts Center offers a variety of classes and workshops for makers at all levels.

Community and Connection

Beyond the beautiful fabric, products and workshops, Sewing Arts Center fosters a sense of community among its patrons. They host the monthly meetings for the LA Modern Quilt Guild. It’s more than just a store; it’s a gathering place for like-minded individuals passionate about the art of sewing and quilting.

To stay updated with Sewing Arts Center’s latest offerings, workshops, and inspiring projects, be sure to visit their official website: Sewing Arts Center. You can also follow them on Instagram at @sewingarts

My recent visit to Sewing Arts Center was so much fun. While I didn’t leave with any fabric, I treated myself to some beautiful and useful notions (a Hera Marker and a Seam Roller by Modern American Vintage) along with something I’ve been eyeing a while online: an interactive color wheel keychain The Gray Muse. They’re wonderful souvenirs from my trip!

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter/sewist or a curious beginner, Sewing Arts Center is a must-visit destination in Los Angeles. If you’re not in the LA area, you can browse and shop on their website from the comfort of your home!

Happy stitching and quilting! Until next time!

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