Typecast of Characters
Blog Tour — WRAP UP and giveaway!

Make all 26 letters of the alphabet with English Paper Pieced (EPP) quilt blocks. using Typecast— a pattern by Whole Circle Studio

Have you been following along with the Typecast of Characters Blog Tour? This week we finished up the alphabet with Y and Z brought to you by Debby and Kim & Nisha. To celebrate the conclusion of the tour, I’m giving away THREE special prize packs with awesome quilting products! Be sure to read to the end of the page—you definitely want to enter!

The Blog Tour has been amazing— it included 27 quilters, many who had NEVER tried English Paper Piecing before. Typecast is perfect for both newbie and experienced EPPers!

Finishing up the alphabet also allowed me to take the full Typecast of Characters line up and compile my own love letter to quilters everywhere (yes—I engineered my own sentence that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet, known as a Pangram, with the help Pangram.me)

A note for quilters spelt out with modern quilt blocks using the Typecast pattern, an English Paper Pieced pack available through Whole Circle Studio

and now, last but not least, Y & Z:

Typecast of Characters Blog Tour hosted by Whole Circle Studio

Letter Y English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block made by Debby Brown using Typecast EPP pattern.

Y is for Y (k)not?

I met Debby Brown in person last year while we were both teaching at Stitches United. Debby is full of energy and humor! Of course, she had to insert some cheeky-ness into her block! Be sure to head on over to Debby’s blog for more quilting goodness.

Letter Z English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block made by Brimfield Awakening using Typecast EPP pattern.

and last, but not least Z

Check out this beautiful Typecast Z block in progress made by Kim + Nisha of Brimfield Awakening.


Did you miss the previous week’s projects? Get caught up here:

• Week 1 projects (featuring A, B, C and D)
• Week 2 projects (featuring E, F, G and H)
• Week 3 projects (featuring I, J, K and L)
• Week 4 projects (featuring M, N, O and P)
• Week 5 projects (featuring Q, R, S and T)
• Week 6 projects (featuring U, V, W and X)

and see ALL 26 letters A to Z over here.

Thank you to all of the “Characters” for making such beautiful blocks with my Typecast pattern and a special shout out to those who turned them into special projects:

Alphabet Letter Chicago inspired mini quilt
A: Kate Brennan of Aurifil (made with Aurifil)

Alphabet Letter B Mini Rainbow Quilted Pillow
B: Mathew Bourdreaux of Mister Domestic (made with Art Gallery Fabrics Matchmade)

C: Tara Curtis of Wefty Needle

D: Leah Day of Free Motion Quilting Project

English Paper Pieced letter block (EPP) in a pillow with hand embroidery made by Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios. Made with Liberty of London Fabric and Typecast EPP pattern.
I: Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios

Letter J English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet Modern Bag made by Yvonne Fuchs, Quilting JetGirl using Typecast EPP pattern.
J: Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl

Letter K English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet cute shabby chic quilted pillow made by Karen OConnor, Lady K Quilts, using Typecast EPP pattern with Elephant Quilt, pattern by Violet Craft overlooking.
K: Karen O’Connor of Lady K Quilts

M: Molli Sparkles of Molli Sparkles

Letter N English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block as framed art made by Nicole Daksiewicz (Modern Handcraft), using Typecast EPP pattern.
N: Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft

Letter Q English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block as framed art made by Joanna Marsh (Kustom Kwilter), using Typecast EPP pattern.
Q: Joanna Marsh of Kustom Kwilts

Letter S English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block pillow made by Sarah Thomas (Sariditty) using Typecast EPP pattern.
S: Sarah Thomas of Sariditty

Letter T English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted sports pendant bunting by Rachel Rossi using Typecast EPP pattern.
T: Rachel Rossi of Rachel Rossi

Letter V English Paper Piecing EPP Alphabet modern quilted block made by Jenn McMillan of Fabric, Ink. using Typecast EPP pattern.
V: Jenn McMillan of Fabric, Ink

Inspired by these great projects?
Make your own custom quilted project!

Typecast is great for EPP newbies—
the Typecast Guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

Pick up your own Typecast Guide and Paper Pack today and make something great!

Typecast, an English Paper Piecing (EPP) Pattern Make all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each block measures approximately 6” x 9”. This fully tested pattern guide contains detailed instructions, tips and diagrams to walk quilters through the variety of EPP straight line and curved piecing skills they will use while making Typecast blocks. Required English Paper Pieces and optional acrylic templates not included. Pattern by Whole Circle Studio
Typecast, Alpahabet and Letters English Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

… and now, for the GIVEAWAY!

Three lucky winners will each win one of these prize packs:
PRIZE PACK 1: Katie Skoog’s new cotton thread collection and a pack of #10 Millner Needles (both perfect for English Paper Piecing!) sponsored by Aurifil and Tulip.

PRIZE PACK 2: Bundle of Pure Solids fabric and a 4 pack of Thread Gloss sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics and Sew Fine.

PRIZE PACK 3: a Queen Size package of Warm & Natural batting and a Wool Pressing Mat sponsored by The Warm Company and Precision Quilting Tools.

Enter for your chance to win!

Because of shipping logistics, only residents of the United States and Canada are eligible to win.

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post to enter. Make sure your contact info is in your profile or that you leave your name and either email address/Instagram handle in the comment. (I need a way to get in touch with you if you win!)

2. In your comment, answer: Which block (see them all here!) inspired you most to make a Typecast project? I’d also love to hear what you will make with Typecast!

You have until 8pm EST on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 to enter.
One lucky winner for each prize will be selected by True Random Number Generator.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners: Linda W., Heather Childress and Marie Black. Thank you to all who left a comment!

Good luck and go make something great,


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  1. I love Mollie Sparkle’s bag. So fun and useful! I would make one to keep my craft supplies together for my my lunch break project!

    1. AVA block by Fabric Inc. is terrific. Very clear and stands out in good contrast. Inspiring to make wordy quilty things.

    2. Thank you for the queen batting from warm & company and the wool pressing mat from precision tools. I have already put the pressing mat to good use, I love it! I have to finish my current queen size quilt top before I can use the batting, which is much appreciated! Thank you!

  2. I love the V block the most! I don’t have anything to spell to make with a V but I liked the look of it the most . I have been inspired to make the name of my logo with Typecast! If I don’t win I’ll most likely still get it because it’s amazing! My Instagram handle is @simonequilts.com. Thank you for doing a fun giveaway!

  3. So many awesome projects to be inspired! It was Kim Soper’s “I Love You” text on the pillow that touched me the most. It’s so unique and a perfect way to display a sentiment or quote! I’d love to make one!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  4. I chose M for my initials. These letters are great and I would start by making pillows for my great neice and nephew with their names sewn on to use in their new bedrooms in their new house. They are moving next month.

  5. I love V! It inspires me to make my girls room names all over again. Currently it’s glittered letters. I also LOVE her color combo. I also need new pillows for our couch so I would make JCKA & the family G. Or maybe I’d do a quilt with a cute quote. Dang it. I need to put this in my shopping cart right now! Lol. @cherbeartoo

  6. I think all of the quilters made wonderful blocks, but my most favourite is from Mathew Boudreaux Mister Domestic. I really like how the colours pop on the dark background of his pillow.
    I think the Typecast letters would be perfect to make a ‘Welcome’ banner.

  7. Thanks for the chance! “N” done in liberty inspired me to get the pattern and make some word quilts/letter pillows! I plan to make lots of projects for myself and my family using our names and some of my favorite phrases/reminders like “breathe.” I’m getting the full pattern for my birthday in a couple days and can’t wait!

  8. I just love word and text quilts/sewing projects! My favorite could be the letter C by Wefty Needle. (My daughter’s first initial is a C too.) So many ideas comdto mind for these blocks. (Missenota on instagram)

  9. I love the C block by Tara Curtis! I want to make a similar notebook/planner for everyone I know 🙂

  10. I really like what Joanna Marsh did with ‘Q’. I owe my niece a quilt and may do something similar with her initial , ‘M’.

  11. I really love “N”. That framed letter looks awesome. I’d love to make some framed letters for my kids and nieces as going away to college gifts.
    Sew.baby.sew on instagram

  12. B and G are my favorites, love rainbows, and love those two creators! I would make pillow covers with it. (I’m @kari_627swaps on IG).

  13. I think the C project was my favorite. But I’m more likely to make a tote bag for my mother. Great projects.

  14. I love Yvonne’s bag that makes the J sort of float with the white outline. So many fun designs! I’d love to make a tote for each of my daughters.

  15. I am inspired by the “k” pillow since I am a kk! Because I am 64, I am always looking for something new to expand my brain. This looks fun!

  16. The “S” stood out to me from the get go. You can’t spell ImSpicier without an “S”!

    I’ve got to dig in and start playing with Typecast but I need a clean cutting table to start.

  17. All of them really, I’m going to start with a pillow for my daughter. But, am interested in making several of the featured projects.

  18. I love the pennant with the letter T. It is exactly the kind of banner I will make for my daughter Tara to have in her apartment….but I would do it in a holiday fabric so she could enjoy it for a special occasion.

  19. When I saw “K” and the way the letter was mixed with traditional blocks, I got excited about the way I could use letters in quilts, on table runners, in wall hangings, perhaps on a piece to be hung on a door–so many possibilities!

  20. I love M and J because those are my husband’s and my initials and I’d love to make a special pillow for us. Or use the letters for quilt labels. There are so many possibilities. Thanks for the contest!

  21. All of the monogram pillows caught my eye!! I’d live to make one for each of my children! Thanks!!

  22. The letter B pillows looks awesome and great to use as an idea for making pillows for my grandchildren

  23. I love the pillow B, I love all those colors. I would make pillows for my grandkids with their initials.

  24. I love Rachel Rossi’s T Flag. I would love to create a banner with my children’s names for my next project. Or possibly just some monogrammed pillows for their beds 🙂 (Insta: Cookiegirl523)

  25. All the blocks are inspiring but I particularly like what Nicole made with her “N”… the liberty fabric is a great choice and I love that it’s framed as a piece of art all on its own!!!

  26. I love the Q! And it’s not just because I’m Suzi Q! I love the color and quilting. So I’d give that a try.

  27. I liked C by Tara Curtis of Wefty needle both the use of the fabrics and the usefulness of the project.

  28. I love the case made by Miss “Wefty Needle”. I have a journal that a nice initial would look fabulouson. Of course I would use an M but love the way her C looks.
    I would make a wedding wallhanging for a very special niece getting married in September.
    What great prizes!!

  29. “F” because my daughter has a pillow she loves with the work feminist on it and it would be fun to make her a feminist quilt. My name is Julie and can be contacted through IG at b_plus_q.

  30. Actually, all of the letters. I have used other alphabet patterns to make things, but I do like the alphabet quilt made out of Typecast.

  31. I loved the J, because it was so bright and the idea of putting it on a functional bag was great

  32. This has been such a fun Blog Tour to follow! I love the framed ‘N’ by Nicole Daksiewicz. It’s such a great idea and would make for some amazing gifts anytime of the year! I’m sure I’d be able to come up with many amazing projects for these letters!

  33. Both A and C inspire me. I love the flying geese with A, and C inspires me to make a similar case that has been on my ‘to do’ list for a number of years

  34. All are great but the pillows by Mathew Boudreaux and Kim Soper inspire me most. All the possibilities for pillows I could make for many are limitless!

  35. The “AVA” mini quilt is my favorite. I’d love to make my daughter a banner for her room. Thanks for wonderful blog hop and all the great ideas. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  36. The letter Q was most inspiring to me. It is amazing! I want to make an initial or name pillow for each of my grandchildren. The letters are all gorgeous.

  37. I love the AVA wall hanging and would like to make one for each of my little granddaughters. Their short names would be so easy because of duplicate letters! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  38. I love the “B” block with the rainbow colors in the letter. I am looking forward to a machine paper pieced pattern set as my fingers don’t allow me to do much handwork

  39. I love them all, but the J on the bag spoke to me. I make bags, and I love to put my initial on them. I love EPP and words on my projects. Typecast is a marriage made in heaven for me.

  40. I would LOVE to make the J bag (since my name is Jenn, it is perfect) & the Quilt wall hanging (cuz who doesn’t NEED one of those, just to inspire, right?) I have never tried EPP but it looks like it is time to start!

  41. I like the project using the C mostly because I love making sewing cases and tools. A personalized EPP case is a great idea. Seeing it also made me think of making personalized journal covers as all of my children are writers.

  42. I like Hilary’s H block the best … the simplicity and denim look of it, and the fact that both my maiden and married last names start with H.

  43. I am inspired most by the pillows… That’s a great idea! I’d make a huge body pillow for my bedroom.

  44. My favorite project is Kim Soper’s “I love you” pillow. However, seeing all of the wonderful variety of projects, I think I would make cute personalized gifts for family & friends.

  45. I like B, C, and G. I guess it’s the patchwork style with the variety of fabrics in each letter — very fun. Fun blog hop! Nice work.

  46. All of the projects are awesome, but I love the sewing case made by Tara Curtis. This is what I would make. Thanks!

  47. I love all the letters. Haven’t yet decided where to begin, but a letter project is on my “to do” list.

  48. I was so happy to see the small neck-roll like pillow that says “I love you” in script! I bought them so this is the idea that will start my EPP journey. I’m sure I’ll like the end result & something I can sew in my lap at nite.I’m still a bit unsure of the process! That’s what stepping out of that zone is all about! Thanks!

  49. I LOVE the letter X the most, but the project idea I have doesn’t use that letter, so I’ll have to figure out how I can use it!

  50. Tou had me at “A”! I mean the entire idea is amazing! Check me out on Instagram @Ms.MaggieMakes

  51. The “I love you” skinny pillow is so sweet. Would make a great gift but really, I want one for myself. What a great reminder to be good to yourself!@suzmcguire

  52. I’d love to make the J, since my name is Jane!!! I find all of this very inspiring and can’t wait to start! I would probably make a pillow.

  53. I just love Mr. Domestic’s rainbow B. I noticed it before I realized it was his but I shouldn’t have been surprised- I love all of his work! I think this would be great with any letter. My kids all love rainbow colors (and so do I!!) and I have tons of scraps to use so this would be so fun! 🙂

  54. I love the “b” pillow and the “c” zipped case best. I would use the paper piecing to spell my name and make a beautiful pillow for my bed.❤️❤️❤️ I love making pillows. theresewilmoth

  55. Mister Domestics pillow is the first finished project I saw with the typecast pattern and I loved the proportion and curves of the B. I can’t wait to try it out for myself. @draftcutsew

  56. All these projects inspire me, my favorite is Tara Curtis of Wefty Needle. Love her travel sewing zipper case. I would make one of those to store my EPP supplies.

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