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(this is the 4th post in a series about exhibiting at my first Quilt Market. Be sure to read the first, second and third posts.)

I was in the home stretch for preparing for my Market debut in October 2016.  Preparations for Market was my full-time job. I stayed on track by setting weekly milestones and updating to do lists daily. There were printing and shipping deadlines that had to be met in order to have items delivered in time. There were also lots of quilts samples that needed to be completed. Here is a snapshot of final October preparations:

Informational sheets about my patterns were designed, edited and printed.
Giveaway pins were designed and produced.
The quilt ladder was completed.
Patterns were assembled and stuffed (with help from Jason and my mother in law).
Samples were basted and sewn…
…and quilted.
Other samples were made in September and needed to be quilted in October.
The quilting continued until the end of October.
There were lots of packing lists, strategizing, organizing (and reorganizing) to make sure nothing was left behind in Connecticut.
There was a lot of planning on what to ship ahead of time and what to bring on the plane. Here is what $150 of shipping materials from Connecticut to Houston looks like. Thankfully, even with banged up boxes, everything arrived safely!
What wasn’t shipped, was dragged on the plane—a total of 4 suitcases (all weighing just shy of 50lbs each), 2 carryons and a large tube!

In my next post, I’ll be describing the installation process of the booth and sharing photos of my Quilt Market booth experience.

(If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first and second and third posts in this series.)


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