Greenhouse Garden BOM
Block 4 Bonus Content

We’re more than a third of the way through our Greenhouse Garden quilt! This month, I’m going to give some tips as you begin to make your fourth Greenhouse Garden block.

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graphic of a greenhouse scene that says: "I'm In! Greenhouse Garden BOM + Quilt Sew Along"

Let’s get sewing!

In this video, I share helpful tips that will be helpful as you get ready to piece your fourth Greenhouse Garden block.



If you need a little bit of extra help with foundation paper piecing, be sure to check out my FREE Foundation Paper Video Tutorial/Mini-Class below:
Foundation Paper Piecing Video Tutorial



Greenhouse Garden BOM Block 1 Bonus Content
Greenhouse Garden BOM Block 2 Bonus Content
Greenhouse Garden BOM Block 3 Bonus Content



Here’s an overview of what I discussed in the fourth Greenhouse Garden Quilt Block bonus video featured above.

In this month’s video, I review tiny foundation paper piecing — it’s how we achieve those beautiful, irregular shapes in the cactus flowers.

But fear not, because tackling tiny sections is just like piecing larger ones – and I’m here with tips and resources to make it a breeze! Need some extra tips? Check out my Tiny Foundation Paper Piecing Mini-Class Video Tutorial.

Another small detail about this month’s block: Keep an eye on the dot at the top of the D paper piece. It’s intentionally placed off the seam to ensure visual balance when joining paper piece D to A/B/C. — be sure to check out the Bonus Video for Block 4. I walk you through this detail.

quilt block illustration of planter and leaves. One on a light background, one on a dark background

I can’t wait to see your block come together!

Thanks for sewing along with us. I can’t wait to see you next month with more tips and tricks!

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