week 51 recap: 365 days of handwork challenge

Here is a recap of Week 51 of my 365 days of handwork challenge (Monday, March 26 –Sunday, April 1, 2018): {If you missed it, you can read about the challenge here.)

The big handwork projects this week were:
• getting a binding on a new quilt sample (for a new pattern I’ll be releasing and I think you’ll love)
• chugging away at some English Paper Piecing samples (again, playing around with the possibility of releasing some cool projects!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of photos of progress this week. My photo studio room is total chaos. I’m using the space to set up a dry run of a vending booth I’ll be hosting in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I came down from Madison Ct today and really enjoyed your presentation at the Piecemakers meeting.
    We have similar approaches to designing quilts that have personal connections to our lives.
    I had a thought about your photos. If you are an Apple computer user, you can make folders in Iphoto and just drag and drop them in.
    Similar to Pinterest, but in your own private photo program. I do this with show entries, future blog photos and my lecture photos, etc.
    You can label them colors, nature, beach, buildings, etc.
    Have a great show this weekend. I may sneak away on Sunday and run over.

    1. Hi Barb,
      Thanks for coming to my presentation today. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the tips. I have a love/hate relationship with iPhoto and have tried to avoid it. It’s been a few years since I’ve used it, so it may be time to revisit it. Hope to see you this weekend!

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