pin basting made easier (a video tutorial)

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Let’s be real… basting quilts is NOT fun. I spent a couple of years finding a method that made it tolerable for me to complete this necessary task with minimal discomfort. Check out this video where I document my process of basting up to queen size quilts on my 60″ x 30″ 
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How do you baste your quilts? Have any tips or tricks?
Please comment below and share!

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  1. Thank you for the video.
    I do it the same way. Only thing I didn’t do was use the ruler to smooth it. Great idea. Also I moved the claps and put them back on for every layer. This is probably why I sometimes get curvy seam, instead of straight. Good to know.

    Aileen in Florida

    1. Hi Aileen, glad the video was helpful. I do find that as soon as I added more pins, it helped with the waviness. Good luck!

  2. I pin baste like this but I use the big tables at my local library and secure with painter’s tape. I pushed 2 tables together for a big quilt and ended up having to climb on the table a bit to reach the center, so I’ll have to look for the clamps. I use my kwik klip tool, but a metal crochet hook works well if I need a second tool (like if I convince my husband to help me close the pins!

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