behind the scenes: Quilted Sneaker Style

Hello quilting and sewing friends,

Last week the tables were turned on me. Usually I’m leading/teaching classes. Instead, I participated and was a student in an all-day workshop hosted by Cotton Candy Fabrics & Quilts. It was a fabulous experience making a really fun, out-of-the-box quilting project and I want to share all about it.

I jumped feet first into a Happy Feet Quilted Sneaker workshop with Joan Radell of Bucklebee. She traveled up to Connecticut from Pennsylvania to teach the workshop. There was SO much interest that there were three day-long workshops offered. I was fortunate enough to snag a spot in Day 1.

Imagine making real sneakers with your favorite fabrics!

Let me take you behind the scenes into the workshop…

a colorful quilt with curve blocks that resembles a sunset over water waves.
Big Island Sunset quilt — get the PDF pattern here

After I registered for the workshop, I decided I wanted to use graphic fabric that I designed, inspired by one of my modern quilt patterns, for my sneakers.

bright fabric with curve shapes

I took a photo of my Big Island Sunset quilt and adjusted the design so that it was in a repeating pattern, perfect for fabric. The Big Island Sunset quilt is made with solid fabric so it is entirely my own copyrighted design. There are no other designer’s work included in the fabric, making it free of any intellectual property infringement.

In class we prepared our paper patterns, quilted our fabric sandwiched by foam, cut out the required shoe upper shape and tongue, added eyelets, and hand stitched our uppers to sneaker soles. It was a very cool mix of quilting, stitching, and shoemaking!
shoe paper template on top of colorful fabric bright colorful fabric being quilted on a sewing machine cutouts of colorful graphic fabric cutout of a sneaker side, sewing binding on a sewing machine

I love the wearable art I created — it’s beautiful and functional! I’m currently finishing up the second shoe and deciding on what lace color I want to use. I can’t wait to wear them around the town.

colorful sneaker woman with colorful sneaker

Check them out in person!
We're Vending graphic at QuiltCon 2024

If you’re at QuiltCon 2024, swing by my booth. I’ll most likely be rocking my new handcrafted quilted sneakers.

What’s next?

Are you inspired to try something new with your fabric and quilts? Let me know if in the comments below.

Happy stitching!

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  1. Thanks for offering your readers a peek into what our Happy Feet! class entails. We has such a fun day, and I love seeing pics of everyone’s finished sneakers. You’ll have the happiest feet at QuiltCon, for sure! If anyone is curious about making their own pair, send them right over to!

    Sew Happy!–Joan

  2. WOW!!! That is one spectacular sneaker, Sheri. I am going to have to check out that teacher and pattern. Can’t wait to see the laces you choose, LOL, though I think even simple black ones would accent the soles and create a “stained glass” feel.

    See you at QuiltCon!

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