week 2: 365 days of handwork challenge

Week 2: Whole Circle Studio — 365 Days of Handwork Challenge

Here is a recap of Week 2 of my 365 days of handwork challenge (Monday, April 17–Sunday, April 23, 2017):
{If you missed it, you can read about the challenge here.}

Day 8: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge—Getting caught up on hand seeing labels. This Picnic Petals quilt will be heading to the west coast in a couple of weeks!
Day 9: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge— Evidence of burying threads!
Day 10: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge—Part of tonight’s task while watching tv
Day 11: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge— Have you ever used a thread pik? Love mine. It’s great for pulling up threads and for ripping out stitches!
Day 12: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge—Needle turn applique while waiting for my appointment with the insurance adjuster.
Day 13: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge—Road Work queen quilt ready for hand binding!
Day 14: 365 Days of Handwork Challenge—Binding for miles, okay 352″ to be exact


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